One day it hit me, I was bored. Bored of the same gym and weights. So I started doing parkour, calisthenics, obstacle course training, trail hiking & climbing. I felt alive again, I felt purpose. If I feared it, I attempted it. If I failed I'd get up and try again till I conquered it. I was starting to do things I didn't know I could do. I started diminishing fear and learning how to conquer myself; Mind, body, & soul.  Only you and you alone can conquer yourself. Spiritually, mentally, & physically you must align yourself with your inner higher self's purpose to become the greatest version of yourself and once that happens nobody can stop you.


I strive to do the best that I can for all my clients. I motivate my clients to chase after their dreams, whether they're fitness or personal. I started Healthy Living Counts so I could help my family, friends, and community. The main goal of Healthy Living Counts is to create a healthy and fit community in the neighborhoods where people live and work through community health, fitness, and obstacle course free play events. I hope that an increased awareness of healthy living will lead to families making healthier decisions in their day to day life. I would like our community to have everything they need to know, when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy, fit, and happy.