Online Training

Online Teaching Program - $111/MNTH
Become a part of the family by joining the Royalty Fit Lifestyle Online Program and receive 12 monthly videos that are no longer than 5-15 minutes in length to watch on your own time. This program is designed to guide you on living a healthier lifestyle:
Mind, Body, & Spirit. We are all Royalty and we should treat our bodies like our Castle. On top of your online classes receive daily challenges for the opportunity to earn a free t-shirt every month! 

  • 12 Teaching Videos (3 per Week)
  • Daily Challenges
  • 6 Day Chat Support Mon-Sat

Royalty Fit Lifestyle Coaching

Importance of Stretching, Foam rolling, & Massage (1)

Demonstration of Full Body Stretches (2)
Demonstration of Full Body Foam Rolling (3)
Demonstration of Full Body Self Massage with Massager (4)
The Importance of water & the different types (5)
Let’s talk healthy food options (6)
Healthy Meal Demo Video  (7)
What’s up with supplements & protein Shakes (8)
The Balanced Life Para gram (9)
The Importance of purpose, goals, & organization (10)
What is yoga & how does it help (11)
Yoga Demos: Mountain, Upward Salute, & Extended Triangle (12)