Royalty Fit Kid Online Games

Every week you are given a Challenge to attempt. Once you have completed or attempted the challenge you then send your video or photo to 512.988.7217 to receive your entry. If you want to receive 5 additional entries you can post your video or picture to Instagram or Facebook and tag @royaltyfitkids.

What is Royalty Fit Kid Online Games?

What am I competing for?

You are completing challenges for the chance to win Royalty Fit gear, accessories, partner prizes, and more! We choose a weekly winner every Saturday at 12:00 PM Central Time. We will email you if you are the winner.

How Much does it Cost & How do I sign up?

Its $25 Annually. Every new Royalty Fit Kid will receive a dog tag with the Royalty Fit Logo. You can sign up HERE


Challenges start September 1st. GOOD LUCK!!!!!